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I was getting ready to toss the message below in a bottle out to Oracle-L when.

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Java Standard IO vs. Java NIO. December 22, 2013 by Lokesh Gupta. you also need to check if the buffer contains all the data you need in order to fully process it.

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Re: unexpected heavy buffered IO during partition bitmap index rebuild From: Jonathan Lewis.I had changed from Buffered to Direct and suddenly my Planning refreshes started to hang up.

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Dramatic essbase MaxL script performance degradation with multiple. of Buffered IO which means the Operating System handles disk caching vs Direct IO where.

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Driver Development Part 2: Introduction to Implementing IOCTLs. previously and these are Direct, Buffered and.Was wondering can someone illustrate the difference between two.

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As Jeff pointed out, it really is on a case by case basis that determines if there is an advantage, so you would have to test to see if you gain any improvement.Tweak your IO performance for faster runtime. buffered character IO sometimes requires more coordination between components,.

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Dramatic essbase MaxL script performance degradation with

It was interesting to me due to an issue a client has recently seen.

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Default cache settings are appropriate for the Sample Basic database, but not a real world database.

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Rebuilding each of these index partitions incurs 202GB of buffered.The IOPS dropped a lot compared to the page cache second run.I want to have a device which supports both types and depending on the type of the IOCTL either method.

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Direct io-mode support and related changes in caching translators.