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You can cast from your PC using our website ( ), as well as from most smartphones and tablets.

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I took some in portrait mode and they are casting upside-down.My computer is for work and a little bit of casual Web browsing.

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I spent more time playing with Chromecast this weekend while also contemplating the ongoing CBS blackout for Time Warner subscribers.

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The Chromecast device can get into a situation where it is not receiving data.

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Google Chromecast: Enjoy a world of. Again, this won't replace say a Roku. My son also found a work around for unsupported video apps.

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Chromecast App for Windows Phone Windows Phone operating system has been hit with a very big blow both from Android and iOS.

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The question should be does Amazon Video work with Chromecast I believe, and the answer is definitely no at this time.

Chromecast recently rolled out Mirroring support for select devices that does just this.However, portrait-mode videos will appear right-side up only if the home button was on the bottom at the time they were recorded.

Please note: You may need to change your router settings before Chromecast can communicate with your network.Chromecast does not support native Windows applications, so it is not available in the desktop RealPlayer application.Most users have a smooth and trouble free experience with the Google Chromecast, but when it misbehaves the experience quickly goes from flawless to nearly unusable.

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Please refer to the Chromecast router compatibility page for more information.

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I am in agreement with all of the people before me, that have tried to use their iPad with chromecast.

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