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Swiss parliament rejected a bill designed to resolve a dispute over undeclared bank accounts held by U.S. citizens last week.

Under the current Swiss law, banking secrecy is protected under both civil and criminal codes.17 Civil law on bank secrecy exists in the Swiss.

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Banking in Switzerland is regulated by the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA), which derives its authority from a series of federal statutes.

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At Harbor Financial Services, we offer expert guidance and knowledge to open up Swiss Bank Accounts for Americans.Russian Officials Overheard Discussing Trump Associates Before Campaign Began.In addition to privacy and security, Swiss banks offer sophisticated financial services.As the banking industry undergoes a profound change, the Swiss bank account as we know it—shrouded in secrecy, protected from.This Guide to Law Online Switzerland contains a selection of Swiss legal, juridical, and governmental sources accessible through the Internet.HFS recommends that clients open Swiss accounts in the name of an offshore corporation, rather than in their personal name.Secrets ending for Swiss bank accounts. The Alpine nation was long reluctant to change its banking privacy laws which make it.

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The agreement represents a limited victory over Swiss bank secrecy laws.Choose the Swiss account from the list of banks on our website and place an order.Mark Zuckerberg Hits the Road to Meet Regular Folks—With a Few Conditions.

Three senior bankers discuss how global banking regulation will.Additionally, there are many other benefits to forming an offshore company.

Almost as famous as Swiss chocolate, Swiss bank secrecy has a far-reaching international reputation.

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It includes rankings, data for key regulations and comparisons with other economies.SWITZERLAND: NEW EXCEPTIONS TO BANK SECRECY LAWS AIMED AT MONEY LAUNDERING AND ORGANIZED CRIME MichaIe Moser I.

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Banking secrecy became national law with the Swiss Banking Act of 1934.

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History of Swiss Bank Accounts - The history of Swiss bank accounts began over 300 years ago.