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Whats worse is that it has carried over from XP to Vista and now to Windows 7.Click the Virtual windows key on the onscreen keyboard to turn it off.The Ctrl-Alt-Del menu has dropped keyboard accelerators, which is an encumbrance when opening Task Manager.For some reason, during Windows updates, the OS sometimes thinks that.It is not a hardware issue, as I have ran through all the checks with Dell.

Fix Windows Update Stuck Problem in Windows 8, Windows 7

I think the fact that we are almost a year past the first opening post and there is not even a technet article is sufficient enough to show you how much they care about this problem.They dont use RDP or windows key shortcuts at all, and in fact installed a microsoft tool to disable it entirely, and it still occurs.

I use RDP on Vista x64, connecting to XP pro, but only rarely experience the sticky logo key while doing it.I get this sometimes when I am using keyboard shortcuts on my virtual machine and then switching back to my physical machine.I can also confirm this same exact problem when using Virtual PC 2007.If I could easily induce the problem I could at least warn the users how to avoid the issue.Finally I restored the remote machine to an earlier restore point USING ANOTHER LOCAL MACHINE, the problem seemed fixed.

I will try these work-arounds, but I cannot believe that no real resolution exists.It is caused by a synchronization issue between client and server that only arises on a subset of machines, possibly due to a driver or.

SOLVED: Windows 7 Stuck At Checking For Updates -

Yes, i do have software for that, but it is only for my mouse.

Using rdesktop as client on Mac, since there is no smart card redirection in Microsofts RDP Client.This problem has followed me from Vista, after a clean install, to Windows 7.In the mean time, the workarounds mentioned are the only option.Such as the opening the on screen keyboard and hitting the windows key few times then it frees it up.I also have a problem where ATL-Tab and all Windows Key combinations are performed on the hosting desktop not the RDP session.Only two things are different since this problem appeared for me.Select Windows key in the on-screen keyboard of the remote server 4.Do you have VMware installed on the PC, or some other software like that.It is possible for the key to get stuck during a remote session, and remain stuck if the session is subsequently logged into locally, but that is it.

Either lock your machine through the start menu or, if your machine is configured for it, Ctrl-Alt-Del and select Lock Desktop.And of course we could not find out what the user did before this happens.You may get a better answer to your question by starting a new discussion.Microsoft is conducting an online survey to understand your opinion of the Technet Web site.I am using XP SP3 as it happens, but the same behavior happens when I tested it under Vista 32 as well.I have a second monitor that I use to display all my RDP sessions.Microsoft -made- the clients and servers, so you guys can do something to make it run differently too.After I hit the windows key several times, the condition went away.

Unsticking a window requires just a little muscle and the right technique.Also, after they log out and it brings them back to the Web Page Log In, the U and L keys are not working at all.

I am evaluating Windows Server 2008 R2 and had that machine setup so I could connect to it via remote desktop.However, today it affected the local PC and remained after RD was closed.There were some changes in the RDP 8.0 client that should cause this bug to occur less frequently if at all, but they may not apply to VM connection windows.Because when I call the onscreen keyboard the WinKey is selected.

I also had same issue but solved it with uninstalling application like synergy (for using desktop from another computer as own desktop extension) Maybe you have installed ultravnc or smth like that.I am having the exact same problem, I have deactivated the key for now.Lastly, the OS should reset ALL meta keys to current keyboard state if any combination of meta keys is toggled 6-12 times without any non-meta key being input from the same device.Here we have a blog post showing you 10 solutions for Window 7 freezing on startup, which should be of great help.We are experiencing this issue on WYSE Terminals logging into Windows Server 2003 using RDP.I was mightily impressed by VMWare and how well my XP image was performing, until I realised it was causing, er, yet another Vista issue. figures. Hitting the Windows key at least once does seem to resolve it in my case though.I am remote controlling my Windows 7 PC at work through a VPN and I definitely do not want to disable the Windows key.In all combinations, after pressing the SHIFT key (for typing in a parenthesis or a capital letter), it is more than.I tried the Ctrl hit 8-10 times this morning and it did not seem to work, but a few minutes later I hit the Ctrl Winkey Alt key combo a bunch of.

A system restore seems to ease the issue, but then it reoccurs a day later.Have a similar issue with Dell FX160 Running Windows XP Embedded.I too can reproduce this on a fully patched Windows 7 Professional 64-bit with mstsc.That blue spinning circle, whatever it is, is raising Cain with my yahoo mail.

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I can be in the middle of a Word document or email and then typing letters has the same effect as holding the Alt key and typing the same letter.

Windows 10 Gets Stuck On Checking For Updates

Home Windows Server 2012 Windows Server 2008 R2 Windows Server 2003 Library Forums.We have noticed our users having the issue when they are logged into their Citrix desktop.We just hit the L key and for some reason while in mstsc it acts as if the windows key has been pressed too and ends up opening the Deskop and shrinking all your open programs (win-D function), or locking the local host (win-L function).First time this has happened and have been using RDP for many years.Agree. Try to upgrade any software or drivers for your keyboard.Turning off win key combinations are not a good solution for him.