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Smart DNS Proxy: The Best Proxy Server To Use When Accessing Blocked Content.Some network admins often use Host file to block particular websites.

Although, sometime this becomes inaccessible but rest of the time, you can certainly open YouTube using the IP address.Microsoft Windows SharePoint Services provides the ability to. the entire server or server farm. are blocked for Web sites on your servers.How to Access Blocked Websites. This is an open-source proxy server program that is free to.Feel free to extend or add other actual methods found on the internet, to make it actual and up-to-date.

How to Access Blocked Websites. then you might want to try changing the domain name server to Google.An unknown number of proxy servers set up. server can allow someone to access a Web site or. news site that might have been blocked within.But, sometime, some office, college or school block YouTube so that people can concentrate on their work instead of wasting time on YouTube.Open DNS Server. how to open blocked facebook website in office, college,.Tell your browser to use localhost and port 12345 as SOCKS proxy.If some of the methods are out-dated, please cross them over, for the future references using strike tag, instead of removing them or down-voting the whole page.

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Open Menu. Close Menu. PC. here are a few tips on how to unblock a web page from behind a firewall. 5 Methods To Bypass Blocked Sites 5 Methods to Bypass.

Since you would be breaking company policy, you might lose your job, just be aware of that.Just open it and check if there is anything written for or not.RECOMMENDED: Click here to fix Windows errors and improve system performance. such as Open DNS,.In case the video is still blocked, try switching to a proxy server from another.If you have SSH access to a server outside the the restricted network, you could open an SSH tunnel to that server on a local port and use it as a proxy in your browser.

ABOUT US Ampercent is a technology blog on computers, software and internet.Set up your local proxy and configure Your Router For Port Forwarding.All they see is encrypted data and the IP of your remote server.Please note that if you try to bypass e.g. the firewall of your company, you might break internal rules and lose your job.

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To change the DNS in Windows, you will have to follow this guide.

Replace element in array by checking condition in another list.Tweet on Twitter.Torrent sites blocked in India. We connect to the proxy server instead of the blocked.This is the most common solution out there to access YouTube even when it is blocked.

If your network admin has done so, you can easily lift that barrier by monitoring your host file.YouTube is the most popular video broadcasting site and second largest search engine in the world, which is being managed by the web giant, Google.TOR is similar to Firefox and you will not get any problem like lagging while using TOR.On the other hand, this is very easy to get the IP address of any website.If you previously configured Exchange Server to block open SMTP relaying and you want to clean up the Exchange server,.You can try this trick before anything as most of the people have marked it as working.

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But, if you need to edit the Host file, you should have admin permission.Although, this is also a part of the aforementioned trick, but it is quite different.

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