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Once you turn tethering off you have to do the sim trick every time you want to tether.

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For someone who has no horse in this race, you seem to fully invested.My understanding is that hotspot is only a problem for VZW phones using non-rooted, stock ROMs.Show me in your contract where it says tethering comes with your Unlimited Data plan on VZW.

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Foxfi just died on my Note2 but still working on my Galaxy Nexus.I still pay for unlimited tethering through Verizon for this very reason.

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Yeah on the Nexus 6 all you have to do is add one line of code to the build.prop editor and you can use native hotspot on Verizon.Wait, did you just say you used another mobile phone with your current SIM to HotSpot it.

Yeah that was weird, I got the 64gb internal and a 128gb sd card.So I can continue to stream movies an play xbox wireless on my unlimited data plan. devicea still work just need to have a laptop now.

Find great deals on eBay for WiFi VoIP Phone in Networking VoIP Home Phones.Android 7.0 (Nougat) or later no longer allows WiFi mode even for Verizon phones.

No, because there is no money in selling those features anymore.Foxfi apk is a great android application that will turn your android device into wifi hotspot without applying any extra charges.I have a unlimited data plan on tmobile with 7gb of tethering included.

After I set it I clicked on the the hotspot and nothing happened s4.All FoxFi does is create a VPN to its own server and fool VZW modified tethering app into thinking you have a subscription.And your analogies absolutely suck because none of them require my provider to build and maintain any infrastructure for them to work, they are options added by the phone manufacturer and supported by a 3rd party.

Samsung said tons of people have been calling them because of changes made to their devices.You sign a contract which locks in your rate while under that contract period only, after that you nor the carrier is under any obligation to continue service or at the same rates.

Also, I was not able to share the PdaNet connection using the built in internet sharing functionality in OSX.I have been blocked by Verizon using FoxFi for almost 2 years on all my devices, non rooted.Also getting a bit of packet-loss and video buffering, but overall still very usable and serving up all the devices connected before, including the Xbox One.My Nexus 6 ROM has tethering fully enabled as it should be for everyone.

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For example, HTC devices could use FoxFi as long they were on KitKat or earlier, whereas Motorola devices only worked if you were on Jelly Bean etc.I want to tether my n7 but no option too without giving verizon my kidney.Well, looks like only non-carrier phones for me for the future.The built in function does a carrier check with Verizon however there is a workaround that is OK if you only use tethering occasionally.Since Verizon is again targeting unlimited data users for no reason at all by raising the price, maybe we can get the FCC to open up tethering to us too.Something about how Unlimited was offered before C-Block rules and that old discontinued plans were not affected by C-Block because they were not offered anymore.I have a galaxy s6 and I updated it to the latest software and foxfi started to work.