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As authorized accesses are added, they will be listed under View Authorized Accesses.Secure FTP can be configured if the data needs to be encrypted.Block (iSCSI) shares: this type of share appears as an unformatted disk to clients running iSCSI initiator software or a virtualization solution such.The example shown in Figure 10.2d continues with our example of.The essence of the FreeNAS server is to provide storage that is easily accessible from the network.

Some Linux distros require the installation of additional software in order to mount an NFS share.Mac OS X includes the Time Machine application which can be used to schedule automatic backups.In iSCSI, the target virtualizes something and presents it as a device to the iSCSI client.

Security vulnerabilities related to Freenas: List of vulnerabilities related to any product of this vendor.It provides more configuration options than NFS and is a good choice on a network.

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After the LUN is expanded using one of the methods below, use the tools from the initiator software to grow the partitions and the filesystems it contains.You could create a portal containing the first two IP addresses (group ID 1) and a portal containing the remaining two IP addresses (group ID 2).When the last share is created, click the Yes button when the pop-up button prompts to start the CIFS service.

With this configuration, it does not matter which user account connects to the NFS share, as it will be mapped to the nobody user account and will only.To use the Wizard to create an authenticated CIFS share, enter the following information, as seen in the example in Figure 10.4c.Figure 7.3b: Accessing the CIFS Share from a Windows Computer.To share a volume without requiring users to input a password, configure anonymous CIFS sharing.

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If portmapper is running and you still receive timeouts, force it to use TCP by including -o tcp in your.To use this client, you will need to install the following on the Windows system.Creating an NFS share using the wizard will automatically create.

In order to access the iSCSI target, clients will need to use iSCSI initiator software.WinSCP, consider configuring the SSH service instead of a share.Before continuing to the next step, confirm that at least one snapshot for each dataset is displayed in the ZFS Snapshots tab.


This section will demonstrate how to fine-tune the configuration of AFP, NFS, CIFS, WebDAV, and iSCSI shares.

None of the benefits of ZFS are provided and performance is limited to the.Shop with confidence.Portal: indicates which IP(s) and port(s) to listen on for connection requests.In the example shown in Figure 10.5d, two groups have been created.While not required for the configuration, it eases troubleshooting if.Specify the built-in nobody account to be used for NFS access.Share name: input a name for the share that is useful to you.

To use the Wizard to create an authenticated or Time Machine share, enter the following information, as seen in the example in Figure 10.1d.Before creating your shares, it is recommended to make a list of the users.Once the group is created, click its Members button and add the user accounts that you created in step 1.

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Pick the one type of share or service that makes the most sense for the types of clients that.

Share name: input a name for the share that is useful to you but which is under 27 characters and does not contain a period.

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This is a security risk if a user is able to connect as root as they will have complete access to the share.

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When creating the schedule for the periodic snapshot tasks, keep in mind how often your users need to access modified files and during which days and.If you would like an example of how to configure access that does not require authentication, see Configuring Anonymous Access.It will then demonstrate some common configuration scenarios as well as offer some.