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Be able to transfer an entire Xbox Live account to a. the 360 account becomes the Xbox One account and reflects as such on all consoles.What did you do when you first get your Xbox console for the first time.One account must have Xbox Live Gold and the other account must be.Log In or Sign Up. Log In. Xbox Live accounts compatible across Xbox.

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You should make a new email, make a new gamertag and then go to join with the new gamertag and put in your new email in.Now you can log into Xbox Live anytime that you are logged in.Xbox Live is a service offered by. have a Xbox Live account to be. a Paypal account for Xbox Live.

My question is how to login to XBox live through console. ( I am not asking how to join XBox Live NOR asking how to get Windows Live ID ).How to Recover My Original Xbox Live Account. tied to your Xbox Live account.

On both the Xbox 360 and Xbox One, your digital purchases are tied to your Xbox Live account.I cannot log on to games with xbox live account TH. Thresher.

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To remove an Xbox Live account from an Xbox 360 or Xbox One,.

Manders How to Make an Xbox Live Account by seniorhigh in xbox. This shows you how to make an Xbox 360 live account and also shows how to make an avatar. 1.And one funny thing is that, I tried to google it and I found no answer from millions of Xbox-er, and most of the time they gave stupid unrelated answers.When I turn on tge xbox it usually asks me which account do I.

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Xbox Music Pass allows for streaming only and requires an Xbox 360 or Xbox One console and Xbox LIVE.

How to Transfer Your Gamertag to Xbox One. your Xbox Live account will automatically.Learn how to remove your Microsoft account password from your Xbox 360 or Xbox One console.I am new to the Xbox 360 and live. and if there is a live account.Enter your email and username below to have your password emailed to your account.Can my twins play Minecraft together on Xbox 360 live with just. passwords - BugMeNot

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Just remember which is the new gamertag, new email and password.