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Worried about Facebook hackers gaining access to your Facebook account.Easily solve your facebook login, sign in and password problems.When you use your Facebook account to log in to other apps,.

The ONLY method to be sure to recover access to your Facebook account.

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I can view Facebook on my cellphone but am having trouble doing it on Windows - Facebook Facebook Social Network question.

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Uncheck key details (e.g. birthday, relationships, religious views) to block access.Every time you access your account from an unknown browser you can get Facebook to send a code to your phone.We can all access his page with no problem but messages and.

Do some monkeying, it might ask you to send a code to some of your friends.

Facebook gives moderators "full access" to user accounts

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Access and Authentication. Support unlimited accounts and be nominated to Facebook Marketing Partner.

You must confirm your password to edit your account settings.

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Tried to login to FB and got message the account was blocked as I or someone had tried to login from an unrecognised address or location.

There is a new way to access Facebook without browsing the Open your Facebook account from your Gmail account.If you registered a facebook username, you can login using that.I forgot my facebook account password, I want to set a new password.

Try clearing your browser cache and cookies.Also,check firewall and any security software for any blocking involved.Or you could also be asked to confirm some friends or even photos in order to log in successfully.

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Please enter your email or phone number to search for your account.

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Sign in with Sony Entertainment Network Account and manage and utilize your PSN account, wallet funds, PlayStation store purchase, download list, queue, redeem codes.With Access-Any-Website anyone can connect to any website from anywhere.Consider using Facebook Two-Factor Authentication to protect your account.To reset password,kindly follow the instructions listed in the link below -.

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Click here for an alternate (limited) version of your account settings.

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Originally Answered: I cannot access my Facebook account without an access code from a mobile phone.I courtly my Facebook account how can I regain my password.