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Ah now it all makes sense i was wondering why that conversation started, my embargo will end on Monday so i should be able to get the rod and reel out and do some fishing.The difference between Engineering use of modeling processes and Climate Science is that we recognise that ours are design tools, not gods.Natural events that pollute the air include forest fires, volcanic eruptions.The K7 flew and flew well, but Kalinin had to add a seventh engine.The growth in air travel since the Wright Brothers first flew 110 years ago is phenomenal.The ongoing disaster that is the F22 Stealth fighter and etc.

Modern aircraft design uses real test flights to capture data that the designers can then feed into computer models in order to understand how the aircraft performance might be improved.If you or anyone in your family has allergies, smokes or just wants to breathe fresher, cleaner air in their homes, read on for 7 indoor plants that purify the air around you as well as which specific pollutant each one targets and removes. 14.MD came out and saw a virtually undamaged aircraft, but the real damage was major, and they wrote it off.The war had ended and the young blokes reckoned they had to find something and quick to keep themselves employed as researchers.

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The Aeroplan program was created in July 1984 by Air Canada as an.This was the downfall of the project, because the added turbulence and vibration caused a failure.This may be a way to use Smart City data to empower people to make more informed and.It first originated from the 1990 film, Total Recall, starring Arnold Schwarzen.

If we design a piece of equipment and it does not perform the way we expected, our heads come out of the sand and we want to know why.Busiest year ever recorded (passenger numbers): 2012 with 51.2 million passengers.

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Tony, I doubt that the Grumann F14 Tomcat should be considered to be the naval version of the General Dynamics F111 Ardvark.Although air conditioning does not filter the air, it helps people with.A new study suggests that not only is our personality captured in a few words and emoticons, but the language reveals the state of our mental health.Airline travel is safe because airplanes are designed by engineers, not climate scientist.I read that people get more satisfaction over experiences than things so I like the idea of trying to give experiences over stuff that will just end up in a basement.

Aside from being easy to take care of, orchids rid the air of xylene —a pollutant found in many glues and paints—so they make wonderful housewarming gifts for anyone who recently moved into or renovated a new space.There will sadly be those of the dumbed-down club likely to take this as gospel representation.Air pollution can result from both human and natural actions.

Serving about 100 international airlines flying to some 250 cities in 60 countries and territories worldwide, Changi Airport handles about 6,500 flights every week and over 50 million passengers a year. | Celebrity News, Exclusives, Photos, and Videos

Excluding small planes, 10,000 medium size planes would be 2 million people.The extreme greenies are luddites and seem to hate the idea of growth.From Wiki, the average airborne flight times for the different length routes are given as below.You are right about not flying with passengers until it passes a whole lot of flight tests, however.

Often I feel pity for all those earth bound mortals far below me who will never see our world the way I see it.With the F-111, we kept it way way longer than the Americans kept theirs, mainly attaching new technology as it arose, like digital, and then Pave Tack.

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Here in Oz, we had a problem with one, and rather than eject, the crew returned to base, and landed very gently, wheels up on the foamed airstrip at Amberley.The equivalent emissions from the GT is 122 Pounds of CO2 for every mcf (thousand cubic feet) of NG being burned.CO2 levels are almost at their lowest point ever in the geological record, prior to the start of the Pleistocene Era, which began 2.65 million years ago.The difference is that the models of flight dynamics, structural strength, handling ability and a lot of other things are well validated by experience, empirical evidence if you like, whereas the climate models are guesswork.Satellite battle: Five reasons UAH is different (better) to the RSS global temperature estimates.Aviation, especially military aviation, was an amazing thing.

Transportation is the largest single source of air pollution in the United States.But yes, computers do one hell of a lot of the work before it ever flies.If you produce more heat indoors either from having more people or.

Look at this short video clip and see just how good Australian military pilots are as he belly lands an F-111 after losing a wheel on take off.