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I hope this can help people to see where i coming from when I tell them how to try to fix wireless network issues.Add the MAC address you wrote down for your PC to the access list and save your changes.This is a dumb question - have you tried a wired connection from your Macbook to your router.

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I am not really a begginer, but certainly do not consider myself an expoert on any tech issue - and MacOS is new to me.

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Shut down the computer and give a few minutes of inactivity before turning it back on again.As a Cisco Network Administrator I have many upgrades in wireless stacks over the years to make your head spin.Granted, the kitchen (stove, refrig, tile walls) is one of the dividing rooms, but not sure if that is the only issue.If you cannot access this button, simply unplug the router, leave it off for a few minutes, then plug it in again and give it time to start up.

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I hace a mac power G5 using Mac OSX 10.4. and have had it and a PC connected to modem for 6 months or more and both would connect to internet now after being away 1.I am Just curious if the answer given by Satcomer addressed the issue.

This is drawn out process that you must follow the steps in order.

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But the router reaches a mac on the bottom floor one floor below.My MacBook Will Not Connect to Wireless Internet. March 31,.My iPod is connecting wirelessly to my Airport Express with no problems.

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Now it was giving me an error message that I did not have an airport card.Open the Internet browser and reactivate the Wi-Fi connection.

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The simplest way to figure this out is simply to check the connection on another. contact your Internet Service Provider.

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If the network fails to load, double check that the password has been properly typed and that the caps lock function is off.

I know this because i recently had a friend over and her Mac was 1 foot away from my PC and she had full bars as well.

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Technically, the MAC address is set at the. the internet work. My.I have been having some random issues with it over the last couple.

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Since you seem to be getting an Internet connection just fine when connecting a PC wired to the modem I would recommend that you try to spoof the MAC of that PC.I just purchased a brand new MacBook Pro today and spent my first four hours with it struggling to connect to wifi.Still says I time ou or invalid password (network name and password still work on the HP, Dell, and all iPads).I have been having some random issues with it over the last couple months like some pages just stopped loading or it would take an extra long time to connect.

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The network is simply the Airport Extreme connected by cable to our XFinity dsl.I took the new computer in the room with the router and it worked just.I have not done anything with MAC filtering - the printer test just suggested that as an issue.Since OP has not revisited for some time, think this is best place to post because I am having the same issues.Anyway, this is our 3rd Cisco router in about 8 years, so we are done with them.That is why I urge people not to Migrate their wireless settings during an OS X major update (like 10.6 to 10.7).Unpacked them, hooked them up to the network, everything fine.for a week.