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Replace the numbers (150,151) with the module IDs and place the CSS code in your template file or in module file.I will investigate this problem by testing the menu with virtuemart.It looks to me like the menu should load after the virtuemart page data is sent to the screen but is loading before and then covered up by the loading of the virtuemart data.I have some longer sub navs which would look better in a multi column layout.HTML, Joomla, WordPress, Drupal, Magento and other Templates and Themes.

There must be a different configuration if you have a plugin for multilingual websites.There is just one problem, and it is that blind people cannot access the dropdown-menus.You mean, that the small hamburger menu does not show up on mobile at all.As few user reported some bugs with the menu when using iOS and Android devices, I have implemented some minor changes to it to fix these bugs.You can activate the fixed option to this menu, that will make the menu fixed to the screen while scrolling to the bottom of the page.After a few lines scrolling down the menu appears again, but it covers the whole screen.Project relies on revenue from these advertisements so please consider disabling the ad blocker for this.

Joomla 3.4 Template Updates How to change favicon for Joomla website.In the new version of the module you can disable the touchwipe function from the module parameters.Your template is using the Gantry framework, and the GrueMenu is placed into a responsive div, which by default is set to be not displayed on certain screen sizes.As in the majority of Joomla templates, on my site change of site version also depends on the screen size changes and this bug can be seen not only on mobile devices but also if you make browser window enough narrow.

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Please help i added the menu module and wanted the sub menu to fly out to the right but am only have them dropping downwards how can i make them fly out to the right.I switched back to 3.4.2. and the menu works on both languages.Joomla Review - An In-Depth Look at the Popular CMS. Joomla Review - Main Menu Settings:.

And also would you please tell me how I can upload captured image.At this moment the menu animation is set to fade, and this can be only changed manually in the Javascript file, but will include the option later on to be able to set this as well from the module parameters.It works perfectly, the only problem I noticed is that while scrolling on a page using a mobile device(android), the menu slides out from time to time (without clicking on the toggle bar).

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Probably you will need to change the attribute of the css file via SSH.

I used your code above to center the menu, but an unexpected problem showed up: any dropdown items (block) now appear ALL the way to the left of the page, instead of below their parent item as supposed to.It is fact that if you are moving your finger from left to top and not from bottom to top, the menu will pop in.I also noticed the same problem as Kesiena that while scrolling on a page on a iphone5, the menu slides out quite regular without clicking on the toggle bar.But unfortunately I have a problem with using it on my website: it works only on tablet version, in phone version menu-button still is not active.How to hide a module title in Joomla 3.1 Written by Brad Markle. Views:. Click Extensions in the top menu,.

There are often times when a hidden menu is useful in Joomla.

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The issue I mentioned above about the menu flying out unexpectedly without touching the Toggle bar on Mobile devices (android) seems to only happen on the android Google Chrome browser.I think the menu module is conflicting with the template, this is why you are seeing this strange behavior.Something is wrong with the way you positioned the menu in the template.There has been many request of additional features, but I did not had the time yet to implement yet.

Touchwipe allows the user to call the menu just sliding the finger from left to right.

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As in the previous version the responsive menu was sliding down, the new mobile menu will slide in from the left when pressing the toggle button.


The following tutorial will show you how to manage Page Headings in Joomla 3.x. Your Name. Your. the Show Page Heading to Hide.Just tested it and works fin on Joomla 3.6.1 and 3.6.2 version too.

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In Chrome the 3 lines are missing and in Firefox it is one big white square.Have just updated the menu and have included a new parameter where you ca now easily change the screen size you want the mobile menu to be activated.

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