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Dyna Glide Looks nice doesnt play well with none google apk Dont care for google calendar.To achieve this, simply tap and hold on any launcher home screen, and then navigate to Settings.Full Review Cameron Gelak February 3, 2016 Notification Badges and Missing Apps The notification badges that are present with most other launchers (including stocks like Touchwiz and HTC Sense) are unavailable here.It would be nice if Google could fix this issue and not hope that there is an update in order to get the themes I want Full Review Rendy October 10, 2016 Menu app drawer Well i love this google now launcher.

We just lose too much stuff for a slightly faster, more streamlined, Google Assistant focused user interface. Anoop K.V Apps tray not working and lagging.

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I hate that unnessesary items like pro app unlockers, and various added settings applications cannot be hidden.Tap the Hamburger menu in the upper-left corner, and go to Settings.Full Review RAJAT SRIVASTAVA January 27, 2017 Its simple, which is the best thing.Ok Google Open Camera local version of this pre-eminent search engine, offering Irish pages as world results.

Suddenly Google will not open on my laptop even though it is set as default.Keypads, Fingerprint scanners, smart card readers, to name just a few.

After using this for a while I am not able to go back to the stock launcher or any other launchers.Would like to change app drawer background to other colors and transparency so i can see my wall papers.Recently i have tried it on my Xiaomi Mi4i and things got all wrong.Not being able to search is a classic sign that your browser has been hijacked.

Once I installed it on my Samsung Galaxy S8, the app drawer is empty.

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Full Review Richard Miller June 28, 2017 Appeared great on Galaxy S8 but unfortunately could not find the phone app to use the phone, tried many times installing the phone app to the home screen then installing now launcher but phone app always disappeared.At least the mountain view guys learn from apex or nova launchers.Feed back and.wait. Every app shows these type of pop up massage.I love this launcher, and I actually have a different launcher, because of gestures.

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I wish that swiping up from home would open cards on lower-end devices, instead you have to hold the home key.

Changing the app drawer background to black as opposed to white would probably aid in using less battery power too.Why are you guyz not giving any update on this app while you update all other apps weekly or monthly.

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But just 1 thing that make sad about it just about the app drawer can not be customize.I have set it as default launcher in my Sony Xperia Z2 and is fine till now.All we need now is the (trivial) hardware to actually open the door.But unfortunately the USB charging port will no longer work with a DAC amplifier.

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Item removed from wishlist. 1 Install Upgrade the launcher on your Android device for a fast, clean home screen that puts Google Now just a swipe away.Hi Google and Co, I have used Google Now Launcher Before and loved it however I am using on my Huawei P9 which wont let me set it as my home screen loader.

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Once that feature is added, it will be the only launcher I use on all my devices.I bought a budget phone (Lenovo a6000 plus), which had a crappy launcher.If google trying hard to get a position on top then the team must support and work according to the needs of customers.

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