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The new phone may have a different hotspot SSID than the old one.Perhaps they should allow WiFi to stay on when plugged in and charging Click to expand.So it seems that using the iPhone 6 as a hotspot seems to be quite challenging, even when I use it with Apple devices.This page contains all websites related to: Personal Hotspot Iphone Ssid.You seem to be taking a real hard line point of view about all this when there have been many other good resolutions suggested.

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Newer iPhones will broadcast an SSID in hotspot mode as such: My Name\342\\\200\\\231\\s iPhone I observed this SSID in the GUI.

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IPHONE PERSONAL HOTSPOT NOT BROADCASTING SSID - Connecting ps3 to iphone hotspot ok so i go through it in the video but here it is at last 1 name iphone in settings.At several times during the afternoon, she wants to Google something, or look something up in iTunes, whatever.

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On the surface, conserving battery with auto-shut-off sounds nice, but in the real world, it kinda sucks.

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More ways to shop: Visit an Apple Store, call 1-800-MY-APPLE, or find a reseller.Again, this workaround is not ideal, but may be useful to create a reliable hotspot for the kids during road trips.

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The Personal Hotspot feature turns a Verizon Wireless-flavored iPhone into a portable Wi-Fi router with an Internet connection provided by the mobile broadband.

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Is it possible to hide the SSID of the network that you create with the express base station so that it cannot be seen on the.

Anyone successfully. you can keep the settings in the iPhone and hide the SSID of the base station should you choose to and the iPhone will still.

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How to use your phone as a Wi-Fi hotspot. Tap More to configure your hotspot, including changing the name (SSID),.

I have the same SSID at home, at work and for all of my mobile devices.

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If there is no connection at all for 5-10 minutes then it will stop broadcasting signal to save on battery and you will have to re-enable it later when you need it again.I would very much like it if Apple could add a custom timeout to the PH settings.If you have an iPhone you can turn it into a WiFi hotspot very easily through the help of a jailbreak app called MyWi.Maybe suggest to Apple to enable a switch that gives you a choice in a future firmware update.

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So you rather have it on the whole time and have NO battery to do it later in the day.

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IPHONE PERSONAL HOTSPOT SSID NOT VISIBLE - How to create a personal wi fi hotspot on moto g you can tether the internet connection 3g on your motorola moto g using.If at least one connection is present then it will not turn off the hotspot feature.Maybe its too much work for you to unlock the phone and go thru a few menus but its there for your own good.So long as the Phone is awake and on the Personal Hotspot screen wifi tethering will remain active.

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Thanks a bunch. i was at a restaurant for dinner and saw 3 other iphones with the same iphone name as mine.Connecting PS3 to iphone hotspot. after this has been done once you can rename the ssid on iphone anything you want and it should still.Is is possible to change the SSID of the WiFI personal Hotspot to be something other than my phones name.

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Yes. I would very much like it if Apple could add a custom timeout to the PH settings.

FAQs related to Wi-Fi hotspots on your Apple iPhone 6. Does using my Apple iPhone 6 as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot.Either enable battery saving or always display SSID when the hotspot is left on.