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By being a good listener this can also help you become better friends with the person by getting to know more about them.You can be quiet while still making it clear that you are hanging on to every word that the speaker is telling you.Talking Bad About O The Weather Is Warm Wish You Were Voting Jokesing Jokes What I Love From You Why Should You Listen.Please click here if you are not redirected within a few seconds.Active listening requires the listener to shelve his or her own opinions temporarily and patiently await appropriate breaks in conversation.I think its sad that the media and people influence us on our decisions so much. to really listen to what people say.

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How to Be a Good Listener. Even if the topic is not interesting to you, at least respect and truly listen to what the speaker has to say.American Woman, Listen What I Say I have a beef with American women.

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I don't listen hard, don't pay attention to the distance that you're running to anyone, anywhere.Besides, would it be okay for people to ignore you every time they found you boring.

This shows that you are 100% focused on them, and not distracted by other things going on.Say that the person can trust you, that whatever is said stays between you two, and that your word is your bond.The 30 Seconds to Mars rocker shares his songwriting secrets.In order for you to be a good listener, you need to limit distractions during your conversation, whether it be the television, telephones or interruptions.What I Would Tell You.If You Will Listen: The Truth.According to the Word of God: Author: Karen Frazier Romero: Publisher: Trafford Publishing, 2009: ISBN.Use the empathetic sound back as a nudge from time-to-time because if you overwork it, you will come across as patronizing.

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If you want the speaker to take you seriously and to think that you are being respectful, then here are some general things to avoid.

If the person is unsure of whether or not you can really be trusted, then he or she will be less likely to open up.Just jot a quick note to remind yourself what you wanted to say and keep listening.

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While people are talking to you, maintain eye contact, so that they know that you are listening.This can help the speaker make his or her own conclusions without sounding judgmental or too forceful.In addition, reassure the speaker of your intention to keep the discussion confidential.

It is counterproductive to force through a conversation where you are too distracted by emotions, worries and external things that disturb the vibrations of the telling.

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People who listen more are more observant and therefore more thoughtful and have a better understanding of things.Wording the question in this manner presents the speaker with a need to respond directly to your lack of grasping something.Listen What I Have To Say by J.MENA: Listen to songs by J.MENA on Myspace,.It takes a mental decision to limit distractions when you are listening to someone else.Imagine that there will be a pop quiz on the subject right after.

If the only resource you can provide is to continue to be an active listener, make that very clear.Speak at approximately the same energy level as the other person.If you press too early and ask too many personal, probing questions, that may actually have the opposite of the intended effect and may make the person feel defensive and reluctant to share any information.This will help the conversation feel fluid and will make the speaker less self-conscious about talking.Your expression: Look interested and meet the gaze of the speaker from time to time.

You can state your own opinion, but you must do it respectfully.Try to make sure you are completely focused on the person who is talking and not get sidetracked.Sometimes, the most valuable advices are precisely those that you do not wish to hear.Pick a place that is free of distractions or other people who might grab your attention.

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