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I have been using Witopia VPN for 2 years now and I have never had a single problem.Is quite sad, as they were good, and this is no doubt the end of their business.It is also possible to configure your own router (this is not supported) or get their own in order to connect your network.

Download the installer, configured online after you place your order, and execute it.At the term paper writing service this is easy to buy pre-finished essay or custom essays about this topic.It took over half an hour for them to finally tell me my account had actually been CANCELED.I have no hesitation in recommending this product and service to others.Download speeds from UK servers have been around 400-500kbps.With Australia intoducing severe internet blocking later this year a reliable VPN will be essential unfortunately Witopia will not be suitable.You then, accidentally ran a speedtest to LA, through Miami and back, which would indeed show horrible speed because the speedtest is going across the country and back.

I bought in May 2009 and was shocked at all the cities they had added, including special servers for China.Concerned that it may be something to do with the protocol we were choosing, we decided to do a final test, connecting to San Francisco using IPSec.

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They will only be nice to you on Twitter because everyone sees it, but on 1-to-1 support the service is bad.No doubt, Witopia provides the best service for the best price.

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After a while I realized how good the service was and I started to use it for just everything, The best money spent on network services after buying my first 300 baud modem.

It was a quick and simple fix that solved the problem straight away.I am thinking they oversell their vpn service and unable to cater during peak hours.I find the cloakbox well worth the price for the convenience of having my entire home network on the VPN.I do know that you have to know about this post or essay writing.So, we disconnected and tried connecting with a couple of alternative configurations: First, we connected to New York via L2TP, and then to London via IPSec.

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Now I can use wireless connections whilst on my travels safely and securely.

Witopia was back up in no time while my friends using other VPN services were SOL for over a week.To use the VPN you have to install their software which I found to be very amateur.I click it, I get instant live-support and now five minutes later everything is fixed.I have been using Witopia for about 6 months now in my laptop.I have used your service for a year in China and was so impressed that I just signed up for another year.

Purchased the service, when through phone verification, got approved then noticed the service at times is erratic.I have horrible bandwith in my apartment, but one of their most recent fixes seemed to work so well that it defied the limits of my bandwith somehow and I am now working at unprecedented levels of speed.Anyway I would still prefer Witopia as my primary VPN service while HideMyAss as my backup since its not as fast.Again, my complaints come down to not seeing a 50% increase in value to justify a 50% increase in price.Only on one occasion did I have problems connecting to the VPN, but as it turned out all VPN services were being targeted by the Chinese government.

My other two vpns, although not completely reliable, work a lot more often than witopia.Best price, best support and best reliability (multiple end point server in same location and you do not even realize it because they use round robin DNS to share the load and multiple locations).Its a real shame, they really offered excellent service up to this point.Testing from Portugal is the issue with respect to the speed loss.I came over from a competitor when they could not get my Mac working.I had issues connecting to a certain video site in the USA using PPTP.

The Witopia system is unreliable because the VPN drops unexpectedly and office data goes in the open through the ISP.My polite response also went ignored for another few days until I managed to find my own solution on Google and asked them to either make it so I could implement the solution myself, or refund half of my money.Second issue is inexperience staffs at Witopia, support answer emails fast which is good however they are not that experience especially if you ask something slightly technical.

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There is an actual person who gets back to me for technical support issues and not some automated messege.I had a small problem, sent an email and they fixed it in 4 minutes.My witopia account is configured on my Cisco 1751, iPad, iPhone, iMac and MacBook pro.Overall I have found this service to be excellent and a reasonable price.

This device allows all of your devices to connect via wireless to an SSID and route thru the VPN server.Various PC games do connect through the Witopia system, but ping times escalate from 2 milliseconds to 500 milliseconds making game play impossible.The london servers were a little slow from China but I was able to download shows to watch later if real-time proved too jittery.It is very important to me, so I insufficiency you to be forgiving.Witopia suggested that I put a router between the modem and my computer to resolve the IP conflict.

I contact support and hope they get this straight in a timely manner.She was v helpful, courteous, patient and made sure i understood what was required.Live support was not co-operative, showed arrogance and stubbornness. second day, they said that your transaction is FRAUD and your service is cancelled.And what i like the most is WiTopia allow unlimited, real-time instantaneous switching between all cities and countries, all WiTopia VPN gateways are pre-loaded into your customized installer that you will receive immediately after registration. very convenient. and of course they have 24x7x365 live chat support and 30 days UNCONDITIONAL.Now I can now access both my facebook and twitter accounts as well as watch youtube and episodes of 30 Rock from nbc.com.I have been extremely satisfied with these guys for the longest time.Your customer service is stellar and I am impressed with resolution of technical issues on the first contact.

Fantastic service, just purchased a Lamnia VPN account, struggled setting it up went on there live support the guys talked me through it in two mins, and made me laugh all the way.