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I would then gather up the evidence and go to my HR rep with my boss.

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High Frequency No Only adult English Language 0.0 Advertising index.They called me at the end of the shift and basically told me that what I did was wrong and put in risk the security of the company (bullshit) and gave me a 1 week suspension.In order to use keylogger. account passwords involves creating a fake.Totally irresponsible lack of disclosure on behalf of the employee anyways.

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Reset passwords for all admin accounts he potentially exploited.

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How to Hack Gmail. Let the keylogger run while the target uses the computer. Select "Manage Passwords" from the new window. Chrome...Also then, full audit of admin access and password resets for all - Unless you can guarentee that he didnt steal a SAM database from a DC.

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How to Hack Passwords Using a Hardware Keylogger. make use of a hardware keylogger to hack.

This is a huge security incident, OP just got lucky that it was one kid playing around and nothing more.

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Also refer it to HR and let them make the decision on what to do.REDDIT and the ALIEN Logo are registered trademarks of reddit inc.

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Revoke his rights until HR decides what to do, and make sure he gets an escort everywhere until HR has made their decision.

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Change group policy, remove local admin rights, anything you need to do.Everything from event log data to physically taking pictures of the USB key plugged into the system.How to secure your system from Keyloggers. Keylogger is one of spyware which will what type you.

I agree that most likely stealing admin psswds should be fired, unless there are some rather unusual circumstances.

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OP might need to look into disabling USB ports for non-essential staff.

If every tech in the company has full rights over file shares and everything important through one account the sysadmins are also to blame.The history of the keyloggers started with criminals used such software to steal passwords and personal.HR would probably react badly with this, so you really need to discuss with relevant seniors before going there.

These are important questions to answer before opening up a path in my company, which could quickly degenerate into a termination proceeding.Also, provided you are from the United Kingdom this is a violation of the Computer Misuse Act and therefore your employee can face up to 6 months in prison and a fine.This would have only been valid for him for a short time unless he created his own admin account but that would have been found in a routine audit of permissions.

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This guy might not be terrible, but his tools are script kiddy toys, and those can have much worse embedded malware which can destroy systems and leak information.Here, people hate their jobs, never get enough money and somehow think they invent ways to make time go faster.How To Use Keylogger Software To Hack Facebook Account: Free Programs, Utilities.